Join us in a Global Hygiene Revolution
Sysco Guest Supply is a strategic partner with Clean the World.
In North America alone, the hospitality industry discards about one million bars of soap every day. At the same time, millions of people in developing countries die each year due to acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease – the top two killers of children under the age of 5. The prescription to fight those illnesses is a simple one: hand washing with bar soap.
Sysco Guest Supply supports Clean the World, a global, social enterprise that addresses this problem with a two-part mission:
  • Collect and recycle soap and shampoo products discarded by the hospitality industry.
  • Through the distribution of hygiene products to impoverished people, prevent the millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses.
We provide the much needed recovery of soap products from many of our lodging clients just like you. We then transport used soaps through our existing truck routes and 10 North American distribution centers. In addition to logistical assistance, we are also manufacturing new bars of soap for Clean the World from surplus off our assembly lines.
In less than four years, Clean the World has distributed more than 13 million bars of soap in more than 70 countries. Through our combined efforts, and our participating partners within the lodging industry, we are confident that Clean the World can expand its reach and positively affect the health and well-being of more of those in need.
Sysco Guest Supply customers can enjoy a 15% program fee discount in becoming a recycling partner with Clean the World.
To find out more about Clean the World and how to become a recycling partner,