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Making a Difference, One Bar of Soap at a Time

Washing your handsGuest Supply firmly believes that meeting the needs of our customers shouldn’t compromise our commitment to conservation. In fact, minimizing our impact on the environment is a priority in all aspects of our business.

Laundering Contaminated Textiles

In support of our customer community and keeping their employees and customers safe and healthy, Guest Supply’s manufacturing partner Manchester Mills created the following guidelines on laundering contaminated linens. During these circumstances, it is important to care for your linens properly to ensure they are clean and do not get damaged. As per CDC guidelines, here are our recommended instructions for laundering contaminated linens and filled products.

Every Detail Counts: Roll in the Compliments with Paper Products That Make a Difference

From toilet paper to facial tissue, luxury is in the details. Guests judge hotels by the quality of their paper products, and they want a VIP experience. Hotels must distinguish themselves in every detail because many guests are willing to go online to express their disappointment if a spa-like retreat does not happen. According to a GP PRO survey, the third most frequently mentioned problem is poor quality toilet paper, behind WiFi and air conditioning. Make a great impression and stand apart from the competition with the right paper products from Guest Supply, with four levels of care to make your guests happy.

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