Bellman Cart, Stainless Steel, Specify Carpet/Bumper Color
Luggage Carts
Hospitality 1 Source
This cart is designed for elevator access. It features steel reinforced undercarriage and a solid 1" plywood deck with 1.5" diameter tubing. It has stain resistant carpet, a non-scuffing wrap around bumper, and two rigid and two swivel 8" non-marking wheels.Carpet: Gray Bumper: Gray Wheel Color: Gray The cart comes standard with the 8" semi-pneumatic wheels (soft, solid rubber tires) NP4G8 for set of 4 (2 rigid: 2 swivel). H1S also carry an 8" full pneumatic (air filled tires) wheel BCWHP8 for set of 4. If the customer would prefer those, there is no additional charge to Guest Supply for the cart to ship with them. But, you would need to be sure to add a note in the comments section of the PO letting H1S know to ship with the fully pneumatic wheels.
  • Warranty
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty