Can Liner, High Density, 30x43, Blue, 14 Micron, 23 Gallon Recycling Bag
Sustainable Products
Heritage Bag
One of the most common ways to assist the environment is through recycling. This recycling blue bag is made to use in your recycling container. The bright blue is easily identifiable while the performance is designed to specifically handle the loads required by this use.
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • 30.5x43
  • 14 Micron
  • Blue color
  • 60 lbs dry load capability
  • Coreless roll for ease of use
  • Star-sealed bottom for superior leak prevention
  • Sized to fit today's cans
  • Convenient cases have dual dispensing for easy use and storage
  • Not only are these bags designed to assist in recycling, they also reduce the petroleum use by utilizing a natural mineral to assist in toughness.
  • Blue recycling liners, the easiest way to be green!