Ecolab® Keystone CBC Plus Bathroom Cleaner, 32oz #6100083
Bathroom Cleaners
This 20% phosphoric-acid, thickened formula quickly penetrates soils and hard water mineral deposits even on vertical surfaces. Disinfects and controls odors. EPA registered. EPA registration number 8155-7-42964. Recommended for use in commercial or industrial buildings, hotels and motels Great for mold, mildew and soap scum removal.
  • Features
  • Effective one-step bowl/tile/porcelain cleaner
  • Thickened formula clings to vertical bowl surfaces for effective cleaning
  • Eliminates rust, lime, organic deposits and odors from toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins and shower stalls.
  • Formula contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Effective in various water conditions
  • For light, medium and heavy soil removal