Ecolab® Keystone Multi-Quat Sanitizer, 1 Gallon, #6100181
Multipurpose Cleaners
Concentrated, no rinse quat sanitizer that is effective across a dilution range of 0.26 - 0.68 oz per gallon of water. It provides a wider sanitization range with maximum convenience. It's an easy spray and wipe, mop bucket or third sink sanitizer application with no rinsing required.
  • Features
  • Broad range sanitizer, effective at 200-400 ppm
  • No rinse procedure simplifies sanitization
  • Sanitize hard, non-porous food contact surfaces such as tables, counters, utensils and food processing equipment
  • Deodorize garbage storage areas, garbage bins, toilet bowls and any other hard nonporous surfaces in odor causing areas