Ecolab® Keystone Disinfectant Mold & Mildew Bleach Cleaner, 32oz #6101836 *replaces 0032646*
Bathroom Cleaners
Contains Mildewcide, an agent that destroys mildew. Optimizing restroom for guest experience. EPA registered bleach-based ready-to-use disinfectant with 1-minute disinfection claim for Norovirus (FCV) and Hepatitis A. Residual bleach scent indicates clean. For cleaning, de-staining and FOH disinfection in independent restaurant restrooms and leaves sanitary scent. EPA registered number 1677-235.
  • Features
  • For use in bathrooms, shower rooms and spas for disinfecting and cleaning
  • Non-abrasive; won’t scratch.
  • For use on walls, floors, tubs, showers, and other hard non-porous environmental surfaces such as countertops, and sinks and linoleum, plastic, glazed porcelain, stainless steel and glass
  • Not for use on PVD coated fixtures and finishes or soft metals