American Dryer, Inc® Automatic Hand Dryer, Steel Cover with White Epoxy Finish
Hand Dryers
American Dryer
Heavy-Duty, vandal resistant, tamper-resistant screws secure cover to base. Air intake vents are shielded for additional safety. Motor: Permanently lubricated, maintenance-free, brushless induction motor with automatic resetting thermal protector. 1/12 HP, 3100 RPM. Automatic Sensor: Energy-efficient, microprocessor controlled sensor turns dryer on when hands are under the outlet for up to 60 seconds. Standby power is only one watt. Features RoHS compliant lead-free design. Heating Element: Constructed of NiChrome resistance wire with thermal protector. Heating element operates in the black range for maximum life. A recess kit is available to reduce the mounting depth to less than 4".
  • Features
  • Sustainability
  • Warranty
  • Heavy-duty, vandal and tamper resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Automatic sensor
  • Energy-efficient
  • Uses up to 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers
  • 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty. Includes same day factory repair or part replacement.