Bowman® Protection System Isolation Bundle, Quartz Beige ABS Plastic, Clear PETG Plastic, Steel
Health & Safety Dispensers
Protection System (PS) Isolation Bundles hold an assortment of personal protection equipment in a convenient and attractive dispenser. This bundle holds flat-pack or laundered gowns or two boxes of isolation gowns, one box of face shields, three boxes of gloves, and miscellaneous items in an open compartment. Alternatively, the face shield section can hold an additional box of thumb loop gowns and the open compartment can hold a fourth box of gloves. The bundle includes a sign holder that clips on the front of the dispenser and holds a vertical sign, and a standard door hanger. A variety of free Isolation Protection signs can be downloaded and printed from BowmanDispensers. Proper and consistent use of the products in this dispenser reduces the chances of spreading infectious bacteria and viruses, such as those found in MRSA, SARS, or C-diff. Protection System Isolation Bundles are ideal for all patient care areas where isolation is required. Bundle BD625-0012 includes the following products: Protection System - Double Gown (PS015-0212), Clip-On Sign Holder (MP-047) PS015-0212: Quartz Beige ABS Plastic, MP-047: Clear PETG Plastic, MB-600: Quartz Beige Powder-Coated Steel.
  • Features
  • Specifications

Bundle includes:

  • Holds disposable or reusable gowns, aprons, or coveralls / jumpsuits, three boxes of gloves, two boxes of earloop masks, and miscellaneous items
  • Keyholes for wall mounting or cutout for use with a Bowman hanger
  • Sign holder - Clip-on - holds 8.5" x 11" signage
  • Clear PETG Plastic


  • Top and bottom left: Gowns, aprons, or coverall/jumpsuits no larger than 14.8"W x 15.25"H x 4.38"D
  • Top right: Box (es) no larger than 4.88"W x 7.99"H x 4.38"D
  • Middle right: Box (es) no larger than 10.0"W x 5.35"H x 4.38"D
  • Bottom right: Item(s) no larger 9.85"W x 6.13"H x 4.38"D