Bowman® Bulk Dispenser - Top Loading and Dispensing, Mini-Double Bin, Clear PETG Plastic
Health & Safety Dispensers
Holds a variety of small items in bulk. Two compartments. Top loading and dispensing. Pivot hinge lid. Keyholes for wall mounting. Clear PETG Plastic. Consumable items are for demonstration purposes.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Bulk dispenser - Mini double bin
  • Holds a variety of miscellaneous items in bulk
  • Two compartments
  • Top loading and dispensing
  • Hingeless lid
  • Keyholes for wall mounting or can sit on counter
  • Made of Clear PETG plastic
  • Personal care, home use, crafting supplies
  • Food service areas, kitchens, lunchrooms or cafeterias
  • Clinics, salons, retail counters
  • Fits any bulk items in compartments, each measuring 5.80″W x 7.45″H x 4.80″D