ActiveAire Powered Whole-Room Freshener Dispenser Refill by GP PRO, Citrus
Air Fresheners & Deodorizers
ActiveAire air care systems elevate the restroom experience with coordinating scents in the stall, on the wall and at the urinal. The collection includes automated air freshener dispensers for compact toilet paper dispensers, powered and passive whole-room Air freshener dispensers and low-splash and traditional deodorizer urinal screens. A variety of scents are available, providing consistent, pleasant fragrance throughout the restroom. Designed for use in offices, restaurants, healthcare, industrial and educational facilities, ActiveAire products help you minimize customer complaints while showing customers that you care.
  • Features
  • Citrus is a fresh, lively scent that brings to mind hand-picked fruit, lemon and mandarin, with a subtle hint of pomegranate and sandalwood
  • Matching fragrances provide a consistent scent throughout your restroom
  • Helps stop odors with its pleasantly scented odor-neutralizing formula
  • Sustained release that provides freshness that lasts at least 30 days