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Merchandise Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the merchandise purchased through Sysco Guest Supply LLC, you may return it within thirty (30) days of receipt as follows:

  • All returns require pre-authorization from Guest Supply reported within 30 days.
  • All Merchandise must be unused, returned in its original carton/original condition with no missing parts.  No partial cases will be accepted.
  • Merchandise returned due to incorrect item ordered, excess quantity ordered, or item no longer required is subject to a 15% restocking fee.
    • Any return of this kind over thirty (30) days will be subject to an additional 10% fee and be required to have DSM approval along with pictures of product sent in to show still in good re-sellable condition. No returns will be accepted for any reason after ninety (90) days of receipt.
  • Merchandise received in error or defective will not be charged for returned freight or for restocking fees.  
  • All FF&E items and custom products are made specifically for you and are nonreturnable and nonrefundable.
  • In the event the Merchandise you want to return has been discontinued, you may be directed to Customer Service for other options.
  • Order discrepancies must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.  See below for details.
  • Drop ship orders (shipped directly from our suppliers) are subject to the return policy of our suppliers, plus an additional handling fee. These will be handled by our Customer Service team in conjunction with the Supplier/Vendor contact.

Return Policy

To return merchandise you can contact your Customer Service Representative: 1-800-772-7676
Have your Shipping Documents available including our Sales Order #, item #(s) and quantities. You will receive a Return Authorization # and shipping instructions for the return via email.  

Discrepancies (Over/Short/Damage)

Upon receipt of your shipment
  • Count and inspect all merchandise. Perform a cursory count and inspection of the merchandise (i.e. ensure that the quantity of packages indicated as shipped match what is being delivered.
  • Sign and date the Bill of Lading noting any discrepancies for any shortages and/or damages.

Checking on an Order

  • Freight Line Carriers are not responsible for reporting any type of delivery issue to Sysco Guest Supply LLC.  All issues must be reported directly to Customer Service.
  • All carriers are expected to perform an inside delivery, which is defined as ‘inside the first door, outside of the elements, in a location, that does not inhibit foot traffic and/or cause a fire/safety hazard.   The driver is not responsible for moving the freight to any location within the property, removing the wrap, breaking down the pallet, stocking shelves and/or removing the pallet.
  • If the customer and/or carrier have any concerns with possible damage that may occur by delivering the shipment inside, an alternative delivery location should be indicated by the customer.
  • Drivers are not permitted to use any property equipment to transport product (i.e. bellman’s cart) unless authorized by the hotel management.
  • Signing the Bill of Lading transfers title/ownership and responsibility for the merchandise from the Seller to the Buyer.  Therefore you, as the buyer, should count the total number of packages being delivered.  If there is a shortage, overage, or damage it must be noted on the Bill of Lading. If it is not reported as a discrepancy on the Bill of Lading the credit will not be issued.
  • After the driver leaves the property, check the order against the Packing List provided.  The Packing List will be attached to the last case shipped as part of that order.  If the Packing List cannot be located please contact Customer Service immediately.  
  • After checking the order, if there is a shortage, overage, or damage please call Customer Service within 48 hours.  If these discrepancies are not reported within 48 hours a credit will not be issued.
For UPS Deliveries:
  • When UPS is making a delivery, count the total number of packages.  
  • The Packing List is placed only on one of the boxes being shipped out of the total order.  If the order has 20 boxes, only one will have this label.  Unfortunately, UPS sometimes breaks up the orders and delivers over the course of the day.
  • Once the UPS driver scans the packages at the time of delivery, the package is deemed to have been delivered. There is no requirement for the driver to get a signature for the items although they will ask for the name of the receiving party if available.
  • Delivery confirmations can be supported by product scanning and GPS Mapping, if necessary, on most occasions.
For LTL Carrier Deliveries:
  • Please ensure to count all pallets delivered upon receiving them. If any discrepancies, please immediately call that out to the delivery carrier and mark on manifest.
  • Although some carriers may still ask for signatures, most of them will only ask the name of the receiver and mark that on any documentation they have to support the delivery attempt.
You must notify us:
  • Once you have compared all cartons to the detailed Packing List and Bill of Lading accompanying the shipment.
    • Within 48 hours of delivery of any discrepancies on the total count (over and/or short), including specific items/counts that may be discrepant, including damages (if any).
    • Within 48 hours of delivery of specific item discrepancies (items not ordered, items not received, damaged items) if not included in the original report.
    • If these discrepancies are not reported within 48 hours a credit will not be issued.
    • Within 15 days of delivery of any concealed damages (i.e. item in case does not match the labels on the outside or what was ordered).

If you receive merchandise not ordered, you will have the option to purchase or return to our Distribution Center.

If you did not receive merchandise that was ordered, we will make arrangements to re-ship the missing merchandise or issue a credit if an invoice was generated.

If you receive merchandise that is damaged, note the information on the Bill of Lading, describe the damage to us, and take pictures if possible.  We will issue you a credit and instructions for the disposition of the merchandise.

Issue Solution
Freight line driver issues?
  • Did not deliver indoors.
  • Rushing for a signature or not allowing time to count packages.
  • Call Customer Service and report this immediately.
  • If the driver is not allowing you to count, make a note on the DRIVER’S copy of the Bill of Lading stating that the driver did not permit you to complete your count.
Package Count not matching your delivery receipt count?
  • Clearly describe the shortage/overage & indicate YOUR count on the DRIVER’S copy of the Bill of Lading.
  • Sign after making notes and let the driver leave.
  • Thoroughly check in the order using the Packing List to determine what products are missing & call Customer Service within 48 hrs.
Missing your PACKING LIST?
  • Call Customer Service 1-800-772-7676
Visibly DAMAGED product discovered while putting away your order
  • Call Customer Service and report damage within 48 hrs. of receipt.
  • Your CSR will involve your TM if further action is required.
  • Pictures are necessary to receive proper credit.
MISSING items on a UPS order OR WAITING on an order?
  • Call Customer Service to track the rest of the packages.
  • Register for Shipment Notifications with your Territory Manager.
  • Register for online ordering to track orders entered online.