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Making a World of Difference

Commitment to

Guest Supply firmly believes that meeting the needs of our customers shouldn’t compromise our commitment to conservation. From eco-conscious distribution practices to the selection of manufacturers and suppliers with whom we partner, we make all decisions with the environment and social responsibility in mind.

Better the World
with Clean the World

Clean the World is a global enterprise dedicated to reducing disease in impoverished countries. Guest Supply has partnered with Clean the World, collecting discarded hand soap and liquids from our lodging partners, then remanufacturing and distributing them to those in need to help combat hygiene-related illnesses.

The Safai

Since 2016, Guest Supply has partnered with The SAFAI Foundation donating supplies and a portion of each coffee sale to help coffee farmers adopt sustainable farming techniques, replant their farms and provide workers and the communities access to better healthcare and educational facilities.

Supplier Information

GuestSupply, as a Sysco Corporation Company, makes sure all of our suppliers adhere to the same standards.The Sysco Corporation Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all vendors and suppliers of Sysco Corporation and its operating subsidiaries, affiliates and divisions. It requires that the highest legal, moral and ethical standards of honesty, integrity and fairness be practiced in the conduct of Sysco's affairs.