More and more, eco-conscious travelers and guests are choosing hotels that pursue sustainability through energy-efficient and green initiatives. Gilchrist & Soames can help you meet this challenge with a variety of ecologically-friendly amenities dispensers while staying on brand.

Whether you want a system for public spaces or are considering dispensers for your guest room showers, we have systems and the accompanying personal care brands sure to delight your guests, your operational team, and your housekeeping staff alike.



UltraLux ABS

The popular Ultralux system in a hotel-friendly ABS material

The Ultralux system offers non-refillable bottles with locking plastic brackets that are lightweight, east to mount and clean, and available in white or faux metallic finishes.

Available in single, double, or triple brackets in 9.6 or 15 oz. sizes.


Premium Pump

A longstanding classic in upscale hotels worldwide

Locked stainless steel brackets house one, two, or three luxury brand bottles that housekeeping can easily refill. Also available for specialty programs with a locking pump closure, custom graphics, and a liquid viewing window.




Our best-selling single bracket units

The closed dispensing system features single unit cost-effective ABS brackets. Most common in the 18-ounce size, but also available in 11 ounces, the easy-squeeze bottle cartridges have discreet liquid viewing windows on each side so housekeeping staff know when it is time to replace and recycle.


Disappearing Mini Bracket

Residential retail Bottles are the star attraction

Individual stainless steel mini-brackets are easily mounted. The hardware remains hidden behind each bottle ensuring your branded product are featured prominently for guests. Products are offered in hygienic closed system bottles with discreet liquid viewing windows, so housekeeping staff know when it's time to replace and recycle.