Exertis Almo provides top quality products and solutions for the hospitality space. Featuring an extensive line-up of industry leading brands and innovations, they ensure that guests enjoy a comfortable experience in a variety of applications, including hotels and extended stay properties, healthcare spaces, entertainment, and more. With efficient product sourcing, pre-sale and design support, and hospitality services, Exertis Almo is continuously evaluating new innovations to create a memorable experience to drive guest satisfaction.

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Exertis Almo strives to enhance the guest experience and deliver a holistic distribution process on a personal level. Explore an extensive range of commercial furniture that seamlessly combines beauty and functionality for any style, convenient guest room technology, commercial and residential appliances, first-class commercial laundry solutions, and more. Exertis Almo stands as the trusted destination for comprehensive indoor and outdoor furniture, furnishings, accessories, and commercial appliances, providing durable solutions that withstand the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry. Explore our selection of top-quality brands, products, and services.

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