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Throughout our four-decade journey, Gilchrist & Soames® has become a respected manufacturer of luxury personal care products and time-honored luxury lifestyle brand. Our name has echoed in the finest hotels, spas, resorts, and private residences worldwide to meet the needs of the discerning traveler.


Locking individual aluminum or ABS plastic mini-brackets are mounted easily with 3M tape or screws and remain hidden behind each non-refillable bottle. A variety of retail style brand bottles are available with discreet liquid viewing windows.

*Exclusive to Gilchrist & Soames® US Patent 10,527,224 B1

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Our focus is to reduce plastic pollution by removing > 86 million
single-use bottles by the end of 2023.

Please visit the Gilchrist & Soames® website for more information on the brands and dispenser solutions available.

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