AquaVault® Personal Safe, 120-Square-Inch Cargo Hull, Rental with Master Key, White
Office & Public Space Safes
Aqua Vault
  • Brand: AquaVault
  • Color / Finish: Ivory / White
  • Depth: 0.0 - 10.9 in
  • Height: 0.0 - 10.9 in
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Width: 0.0 - 9.9 in
The AquaVault® Portable Outdoor Safe is designed out of durable High Impact ABS Thermoplastic to withstand aggressive attempts on your valuables. The 120-cubic inch cargo hull is roomy enough for wallets, watches, mobile phones, jewelry, keys and other valuables. Each vault comes preset with a unique combination and is accompanied with a waterproof bracelet that has the combination on the inside of it for the guest to access if forgotten. It also has a master key which we provide which will open all the vaults for that particular batch of vaults.