Bed Bug Spray Ready To Use, 1 Quart
Maintenance Chemicals
0020628 MFG #: BB-032
Inventek Colloidal Cleaners
Fast acting kills in minutes, repels for days.Inventek chemistry utilizes a unique blend of essential oils coupled with their proprietary workhorse, the colloidal micelle which creates nano-emulsions of water with all - natural essential oils to form our product. These micelles act as a delivery vehicle carrying the essential oils past the insect's exoskeleton using the tracheal system rather than the nervous system for induction. This specific blend of oils acts simultaneously to suffocate, paralyze, repel, and desiccate bed bugs. All Natural. Made from GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe ingredients, ie. all natural essential oils and soap). Safe, No Toxic Pesticides, Pleasant Odor. Treated areas are safe to enter at any time during and after product application. Product odor is mild and herbal, almost imperceptible, gentle and pleasing. Easy to Use