Aroma Country/ Blaze Away Fresh Air O+SE Mal-Odor Counteractant Fresh Air Scent, 16oz
Air Fresheners & Deodorizers
Blaze Away
Odor and Smoke Eliminator (burgundy band on label) is blended with fine fragrance, 0% water and it destroys odor at parts per trillion, making them undetectable. Use to counteract the "above and beyond" odors in your rooms, hallways, lobby areas, common bathrooms, meeting rooms, etc. On average it only takes 2-4 sprays to permanently remove odors that bring your scores down, give your customer complaints and sometimes refund money. Made from cosmetic grade ingredients.
  • Features
  • Powerful, long lasting fragrance.
  • Not a cover-up or masking agent.
  • Permanent odor elimination and long-term general scenting.
  • Used at hundreds of hotels, casinos, resorts, rentals properties and commercial buildings throughout North America.