Advance Nilfisk® Portable Dual Cord Extractor with Stainless Steel Wand & Hose, 13 Gallon, Gray
Carpet & Extraction Machines
This unit has a 3-stage vacuum motor for unrestricted airflow and superior water recovery. The closed, sealed system reduces wear and extends vacuum motor life. A pressure gauge, pressure regulator allows you to dial in specific pressure for sensitive texture, hard maneuverability and transport through facilities easier. Features a 12.5 gallon solution tank, 11 gallon recovery tank. Two handles for easy maneuverability. Handle on tank to assist loading / unloading and to guide vacuum hose, over sized, rubber grip rear wheels, easy-fill solution tank access port. Dual cord extractor - 100 psi. Includes 15 ft. solution / vacuum house and SS single bend, twin jet wand. Single 3-stage vac motor. 137" water lift.
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  • Easily maneuver and transport thanks to the ergonomic design, including a unique transport handle, extension cord wraps and tank handle
  • Simplify tank filling with the easy-fill solution tank access port, which is located away from the electronic switch and controls to reduce maintenance issues
  • Completely empty the recovery tank thanks to the sloped tank design
  • Use less water at higher heat for reduced costs, improved sustainability, faster drying and less chance of shrinkage or soil wicking
  • Reduce chemical use and the need for chemical sanitizing with the high heat system

  • Single 5.7 inch, 3-stage
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Single power cord
  • Ball float vac shutoff

  • 5 years parts, 2 year labor