APEX Plastic Utility Cart, 38.5 in, Black
Material Handling
Pemberton Fabricators
This cart is made from high density polyethylene that won't stain, scratch, dent or rust. With its three tub shelves having a combined carrying weight of 300 pounds (evenly distributed), you can easily transport your steam cleaner, attachments, and additional towels and supplies. A built-in push handle makes it easy to steer, and the four heavy-duty casters allow for smooth movement. Two of the casters have locking brakes in order to prevent the cart from rolling. This cart is made in the U.S.A. Assembly required. Utility cart for GS# 0037953 steam cleaner or GS# 0037954 steam cleaner (sold separately).
  • Features
  • Warranty
  • High density polyethylene
  • Won't stain, scratch, dent oor rust
  • Three tub shelves
  • Built-in push handle makes it easy to steer
  • Four heavy-duty casters (two casters have locking brakes)
  • 90 day warranty