2XL-84 Guardian Station, Black
Public Restroom Dispensers
2XL Corporation
Streamline everything you need for equipment cleaning and hand sanitizing in the fitness room into one convenient, durable and great-looking unit. Built to last from high-grade steel. Includes bracket to mount Stage2 hand sanitizer dispenser 0038202. To purchase refills use 0035044, Stage2 sanitizer refill. Refills for bucket 0035043.
  • Features
  • Warranty
  • The guardian stand is a multi-functional unit designed to handle the needs of promoting and maintaining the cleanliness and sanitizing of all fitness equipment
  • Capable of dispensing, disposing and storing any of our wipes for all of your gym cleaning needs.
  • Guardian is ADA compliant.
  • Front door with magnetic closure.
  • Manufacturer's warranty: no warranty due to coronavirus, and supplier can not accept any returns. If any of these products are delivered in a damaged condition, new product will go out at the carrier's expense.