ActiveAire Low-Splash Deodorizer Urinal Screen by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), Coastal Breeze
Urinal Screens
Escape to the coast with a fragrance that suggests fresh seaside air and a cool, gentle breeze. Larger screen with splash-reduction reduces splash by over 70% to help keep restrooms cleaner and reduce maintenance. Larger, thicker screen provides greater fragrancing to keep restrooms smelling fresh. On-trend fragrances are the same across the GP PRO ActiveAire® Air Care System, so you can be confident your restrooms will provide a consistent and more welcoming experience for everyone. Provides freshness for at least 30 days. Compliant for VOC content with applicable federal and state regulations. No liquids or sprays are used.
  • Features
  • Coastal Breeze a mild air freshener scent that will remind you of fresh seaside air and a cool, gentle breeze
  • Matching fragrances provide a consistent scent throughout your restroom
  • Anti-splash urinal screen reduces splash by over 70%, compared to no urinal screen, helping reduce mess and the need for maintenance
  • Larger, thicker scented urinal screens provide more fragrance for a fresher restroom