Clean Quick Professional Broad Range Quaternary Sanitizer, Closed Loop, 1 Gallon
Kitchen & Food Service Cleaners
Procter & Gamble
Clean Quick's Broad Range Quaternary Sanitizer is formulated for third-sink sanitizing of dishes, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. It's also great as a surface sanitizer for hard (non-porous) surfaces, such as chopping blocks, countertops and food-processing equipment. Other task areas for this restaurant sanitizer include glassware, silverware, food-preparation surfaces, food storage racks, and equipment and equipment parts.
  • Features
  • Dish sanitizer and surface cleaner that sanitizes without leaving a chlorine bleach odor
  • EPA-registered surface sanitizer
  • Makes 128 sinks when diluted at recommended dosage of 1 oz. per 10 gal. sink
  • Great as a restaurant sanitizer for dishes, glasses, silverware, cooking utensils, chopping blocks, countertops