2XL-407 Force2 Disinfecting Wipes, 220ct
Multipurpose Cleaners
0073496 MFG #: 2XL-407
2XL Corporation
Force2 disinfecting wipes are safe fast-acting, EPA registered, medical-grade disinfectant wipes that are effective against 47 pathogens. They contain a modern formula that offers protection against today¿s biggest bacterial and viral threats. Use them in non-critical medical environments to meet stringent infection control standards, as well as in daycares, schools, and other facilities to prevent illness. Tested to medical grade compliance Kills over 47 pathogens NSF Certified EPA Registered Formula eliminates bacteria in 2 minutes
  • Features
  • Effective against 47 total pathogens including CA-MRSA, norovirus, coronavirus, salmonella, and Staph
  • EPA registered (#6836-372-82144)
  • Safe for glass, stainless steel, vinyl and other non-porous hard surfaces
  • Compact universalized canister size fits most dispensers and stands in any environment
  • Thick, quality wipes made from premium materials that won’t tear, rip or leave residue