Aroma Country/Blaze Away Lavender and Lily XLC Mal-odor Counteractant, 16oz
Air Fresheners & Deodorizers
Blaze Away
Permanently remove odors caused by cigarettes and cigars, urine, pet odors, mildew, cooking odors, trash/dumpster areas, plumbing issues and hundreds of other odor issues. Can also be used as a daily freshener for hallways, elevator landing pads, common areas, meeting / banquet rooms and break areas. Features a pleasant Lavender Lily scent
  • Features
  • Oil based and blended from 100% natural essential oils.
  • Removes odors caused by cigarettes, urine, cooking, trash, plumbing and more.
  • Each 16oz bottle contains approximately 350 sprays.
  • Can be used as daily freshener in any space.