Alpine Industries 40 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can Bin With Transparent Panel, DHS-Complaint Trash Can
Recycling & Waste Receptacles
0079473 MFG #: ALP471-40-CLR
Alpine Industries
The Department of Homeland Security has issued an anti-terror directive for all commuter rail and subway systems to implement certain precautions. With this in mind, we've designed a 40-Gallon, DHS-Compliant, Waste Receptacle with Transparent Panel's that provides security, durability, and visual appeal. To provide clear visibility to the contents of the trash can, we have made the panels transparent. Law enforcement, protective services, and maintenance staff can see what's inside and how full it is. The dome-shaped lid prevents heavy items from being rested on top of it. The affixed lock on the lid prevents tampering, vandalism, and large objects from being inserted into the trash can. Its lid's heavy-duty hinge with attached safety chains controls how far back it can be opened. Inside are two metal clips located on both sides to securely hold your trash bags in place, even when filled. Since surfaces may be uneven, resulting in a tilted waste receptacle, we've included adjustable legs that allow you to customize the height of each leg. Thanks to the substantially sized 40-gallon All-Weather Trash Container, emptying is greatly reduced, and you can service a greater volume of foot traffic. These trash receptacles are vital to keeping your facilities clean in conjunction with elevating your aesthetic and maintaining safety for your passengers. It's a no-brainer to outfit your commuter rail and subway systems with our superior trash container with all these fantastic features.
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  • Framing and lid fabricated of weather-resistant powder-coated steel for long life
  • Included interior metal clips to guarantee that your trash bags won't slip from the weight
  • 40-gallon capacity extends the time between collections
  • The clear, dhs-compliant panels with a secure lid will inhibit planting hazardous devices and allow law enforcement and protective service to see within easily
  • Equipped with a piano hinge and dual chain retainers for secure support, the lid opens wide for easy access to remove and replace trash bags
  • Slotted bottom that allows water to pass through to prevent flooding and growth of bacteria

Product dimensions: 41.33" H x 21.25" W x 21.25" D

Limited 1 year warranty