Archive Journey Within Green Tea & Willow Conditioner Refill Bag-in-Box 2.5 Gallon, 9.46L
Gallons & Refills
0100583 MFG #: 100583
Gilchrist & Soames
Take an incredible journey to parts unknown, where past and present blend in this collection of inspired essences. Exquisitely crafted with the fresh, sophisticated fragrances of green tea and willow, the Journey Within Collection finds the balance between simple yet evocative scents for anytime, anywhere & anyone. Made from 100% recycled corrugate, the Gilchrist & Soames 2.5 gallon bag-in-box offers a better alternative to plastic gallons. Each is fitted with integrated lifting handles that are designed to both ship well and sit on the shelf for easy refilling of dispenser bottles. The double-walled inner vacuum bag has an integrated pump ensuring the liquid product is not exposed to the air, thus minimizing the potential for bacteria introduction.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Sustainability
  • Efficient refill system
  • Space saving storage
  • Easy operation
  • Compatible with refillable dispenser bottles
  • Each bag-in-box replaces 2.5 gallon bottles
  • Relaxing Green Tea & Willow Fragrance
  • Moisturizes hair & scalp
  • Uplifting Notes

  • Archive Essentials Refill Conditioner
  • 2.5 Gallons / 9.5 liters
  • Bag-In-Box
  • Push dispenser

  • Recyclable packaging