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Your product is unique, and it deserves a marketable product description page on the Guest Supply website. So we developed a new and improved item submission form to streamline the upload process, ensuring that each attribute is accurately displayed on the webpage.


The key to success is thorough and accurate information. Follow our best practices for a sales-worthy product description, plus our step-by-step overview of the submission form.

Page 1: Contact Information

Step one is simple. Provide basic information about your Organization, plus Marketing and Purchasing Contact details.

Page 2: Marketing Information

Next, we ask for product details, including descriptions, specifications, warranty information, and images. Make sure to follow our best practices for general copy.


Information about yourself or your company.
(If the long description contains the word “our”, please update the language so it is appropriate to display on guestsupply.com.)

Unproven, vague marketing phrases (#1 rated, best-selling, high quality, etc.)

Any references to other marketplaces (sold on Amazon, sold on Costco, etc.)

Any special characters (™, ½, @, ^, *, hearts, or shapes)

The Product Title should be a description of the
product. If submitting multiple items for setup,
ensure it follows a consistent naming convention.

The Long Description should be in sentence
structure and elaborate on the product title.

The Features should be in bulleted format for
easy reading.
The Specifications should include product dimensions
weight, certifications, etc.

At least one image is required to set up each product.
Please follow our best practices for photo upload and
make sure each image is:

  • Photographed in focus and professionally lit
  • At least 300 dpi
  • Provided in .jpeg format
  • At least 1,000 pixels on one side of the image

Your Primary Image must have a seamless white
background and showcase the front of the item. Any
additional images can include an appropriate setting
or environment (such as a grill in a patio setting).
Please do not use images containing graphics,
illustrations, logos, watermarks, overlays, or text.

Page 3: Purchasing Information

Purchasing information gets into the fine print of product cost and case dimensions so that Guest Supply and the consumer knows what to expect for shipping or stocking products in our warehouses.

Page 4: Special Instructions

And finally, please let us know of any special instructions regarding your product. After you submit a complete and accurate form, we’ll develop your product page and market your item to consumers. And in turn, help you get more sales.

Your Listing Will Look Like This

Examples of Items that have been Setup Correctly