Safai Coffee is a Specialty Coffee Roaster focused on quality and innovation. Today, Safai Coffee is available in over 400,000 hotel rooms across the US and Caribbean. Safai works exclusively with Guest Supply in the hospitality segment, providing coffee roasting, brand development and marketing support for the coffee category. A complete vertical approach provides Guest Supply the ability to service the entire hospitality property from lobby/in-room programs to food service coffee solutions..

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Founded in 2013, the Safai Foundation emerged from witnessing the devastation caused by the coffee rust fungus in Central and South America. This initiative aims to rescue family farms by supporting re-planting efforts, allowing farmers to remain on their land and sustain their communities. To date, the Safai Foundation has revitalized 30 farms, inspiring other organizations and local governments to join the cause and extend their impact on education, healthcare, and economic growth.

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